Site Shared

Simple Scalable Hosting. Site is the most complete and trusted Hosting Service on the planet.

One Plan. Static or Dynamic. Simple.

Site Shared is loaded with features that allow you to forget about the technical details and get back to what you do. Whether your website is static or dynamic you can rest assured that Site will keep it performing at its best. And we back Site with the most awesome customer support in the known universe.

1 vCPU
1 GiB Memory
Up to 16 TB Storage
  • One Size Fits Most

  • Includes Email and DNS Hosting

  • No Sys Admin Required

  • Resilient Cloud Architecture – 99.999% availability

  • Simple to Manage – Easy to use Control Panel

  • Simple – We Monitor Everything for You

  • Simple Scaling Makes it Difficult to Out Grow

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In a classic shared hosting environment customers share a single pool of resources with hundreds of other customers in an environment that allows a single website to cause poor performance for everyone. In contrast Site allocates the same hardware resources to all sites ensuring that no single site can use more than their fair share. Site Shared provides a classic shared hosting experience without the classic shared hosting problems. Add in simple scaling and it makes Site Shared the perfect platform for just about any website.

Consistent Performance

Sharing resources with a small pool of other sites helps to guarantee consistent performance.

PHP Your Way

Using your control panel you can select from versions 4.x to 8.x. That’s right, you get to select your version of PHP. You also have a choice of PHP modules and options that work best for your site. Why should we should dictate what version of PHP you use?

DDoS Protection

Cloud scale DDoS protection to help protect your Site against the (really) bad guys. With our DDoS protection there’s less need to worry about infected cameras taking your site offline.

Cloud Architecture

Everything we do is Cloud based. We designed and deployed Site on top of the largest Cloud the on planet. Everything was designed for one purpose, to serve data. And it does it extremely well. From the Data Center power transfer switch to the compute node everything was custom designed and built for efficiency, resiliency and scale.

Hardened PHP

We offer Hardened PHP versions 5.1 – 7.6. These very popular versions of PHP are no longer supported by the PHP community. We understand that not all PHP applications can be upgraded to the latest version of PHP leaving them vulnerable to attack. To help address this serious situation we’re happy to provide our customers with Hardened PHP. These versions of PHP have had all of the latest security patches applied providing you with much improved security for older PHP apps.

Application Layer Firewall

The bad guys are relentless. If you have a login page, they will bang on the door. If you use a popular CMS they will hit your site with every known exploit and then come back looking for other attack surfaces (e.g. your database). To help keep your site safe we use a web application layer firewall populated with thousands of rules. It helps to stop a lot of bad behavior.

Fast Reliable Resilient Storage

We use lightning fast solid state disks (SSD) everywhere, no spinning disks here. And, all of our storage is replicated to help protect against failure and keep your Site running.

Simple to Scale – Up or Down

Easily scale Site using Site CDN or Site Dedicated. Site CDN distributes your content across a global network of high performance caching servers. Site Dedicated provides dedicated hardware resources to your website.

Easy to Manage

Manage everything from email accounts to databases using the latest version of the popular Hosting control panel cPanel. And if you need more power SSH access is also available.

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