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What can I do with 15 web procs and 1 GB of memory?2023-04-23T16:42:26-07:00

The simple answer is – a lot. With 10 concurrent web processes and 1 GB of memory you can have 15 PHP pages being loaded each using up to 100 MB of memory! Those processes will run extremely fast allowing for hundreds of concurrent viewers. For example, a modern WordPress site using a fast theme with minimal plugins, like our site, uses about 50 MB to render each page. Using WordPress plugins like UsageDD provide you with an easy way to see your per page memory usage statistics.

Why no unlimited?2018-04-04T10:54:58-07:00

There is no such thing as unlimited. Can you get unlimited electricity? How about gas? Same thing applies to Internet bandwidth, disk space, memory and CPU. These are all finite resources. Instead of allowing a free for all, or allocating a huge amount up front but then charging 100x as much for the next MB of bandwidth, we instead use a different model. We allocate enough bandwidth and storage space to meet the needs of most sites. If you need more than the included amount we charge a reasonable and fair price for each additional GB of bandwidth or storage space.

How do you safeguard my website from DDoS attacks?2018-04-04T09:46:34-07:00

As a NetGate customer, you get AWS Shield Standard at no additional cost. AWS Shield is a managed service that provides protection against DDoS attacks. AWS Shield Standard provides protection against common and most frequently occurring infrastructure (layer 3 and 4) attacks like SYN/UDP floods, reflection attacks, etc. to help keep your site available.

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