Install WordPress with the press of a button! Forgot your admin password, no problem. You can view your basic configuration information and view and change WordPress automatic updates configuration. Nice!

Let’s get started with a new WordPress site.

Login to your Hosting Control Panel and scroll down to “Applications” where you’ll find an icon for WordPress.

Click on the WordPress Manager link.

Select the “Create an installation” link or the “Install” button.

To install into the default location (the document root of your website) click “Install”. Otherwise, click on “Advanced Options” and make the needed changes before clicking “Install”.

Once the install has completed you’ll see this (the Username and Password displayed below are fictional).

Use the above credentials to login to your new WordPress site at Simple!

Be sure to lock down your WordPress admin area using the information from our Add an Additional Layer of Security to the WordPress Dashboard Live Doc.

To Remove WordPress

From the WordPress Application Manager click the “Install” button. Scroll to the bottom of the window.

Use the “Uninstall” button to remove WordPress and its database from your website.

Confirm the removal.

PHP Selector and PHP Extensions

Using PHP Selector select the version of PHP and extensions most appropriate for the version of WordPress you are installing.