We don’t officially provide support for 3rd party apps or devices (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc,). There are just too many apps, devices and versions for us to have any hope of being able to provide support. If Apple can’t keep up, check out their support docs, with all the combinations of Mac OS and Apple Mail, we have absolutely no hope.

We do provide a step by step configuration guide for the latest version of the popular Thunderbird email client application. Thunderbird is from Mozilla, the same people who bring you the popular Firefox browser. Thunderbird is available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux. Give it a try, we think you’ll like it.

If you don’t want to make the switch to Thunderbird we’re happy to help by providing the settings needed to configure your applications or devices, but we can’t help you configure them. For the best support please contact the support resources provided by the vendor who sold you the application or device.

If you have an Apple product your local, if you have one, Apple store is happy to help. If you need hands on help with other mail applications we recommend working with a local computer consultant.