Using ChatGPT to Help Us Build a Single Page Website

Having success with ChatGPT and a simple bit of HTML/CSS I wanted to see if we (it and I) could build a more complex single page website. I started by asking it: write a boilerplate html home page Certainly! Here's a basic example of a boilerplate HTML home page: This is a simple [...]

2023-05-06T18:05:16-07:00May 6th, 2023|Technology, Web|

Can ChatGPT Build a Basic HTML Page?

I decided to see if ChatGPT could be used to build a basic HTML/CSS page. I was surprised at what it, or both of us actually, could accomplish. I say both of us because without a good driver ChatGPT, nor any generative AI model, can't really do anything without a good driver. When we [...]

2023-05-06T11:18:07-07:00May 6th, 2023|Blog, Technology, Web|

HTTP/2 - - [08/Feb/2019:19:14:13 -0800] "GET / HTTP/2.0" 200 HTTP/2 is now supported across all our hosting servers. HTTP/2 provides enhancements to the HTTP 1.1 protocol. These changes will be invisible to you at the application layer but should help improve performance for your site as the bits move across the wire. If you'd like [...]

2019-02-11T09:51:40-08:00February 10th, 2019|Technology, Web|

The 2019 State of Hosting Address

As NetGate celebrates 25 years in the Hosting business I thought it might be interesting to give a brief State of Hosting address. A lot has changed in 25 years. Let's take a look. NCSA Mosaic First a little history. Hosting in 1994. The NSCA Mosaic browser (pictured below) introduced the Web to everyone. At [...]

2019-02-12T08:29:23-08:00February 8th, 2019|DNS, Technology, Web|

SSL is Free and AutoSSL is Awesome

After some serious testing we're happy to announce AutoSSL. If you've ever had to deal with any aspect of buying or installing an SSL certificate you'll appreciate what AutoSSL can do. With AutoSSL your websites are automatically secured with a free Comodo DV SSL certificate. Automated free SSL certificates. We told you it was awesome. Check out our Live [...]

2019-01-23T21:10:07-08:00January 23rd, 2019|Email, Technology, Web|

Static Sites are Cool Again

Back in 1994 we started out with plain old static HMTL. Websites were created by either coding them by hand or by using a GUI application such as Microsoft Frontpage (RIP) or Adobe Dreamweaver. The web was fast, it had to be, the last mile Internet at that time was largely built out of 28k [...]

2018-04-15T12:36:01-07:00April 10th, 2018|Technology, Web|

Ongoing Threat of Ransomware

From the National Cyber Awareness System: NCCIC has observed an increase in ransomware attacks across the world. Ransomware is a type of malicious software, or malware, designed to deny access to a computer system or data until a ransom is paid. Ransomware typically spreads through phishing emails or by unknowingly visiting an infected website. Ransomware [...]

2018-04-10T07:27:59-07:00April 10th, 2018|Email, Technology, Web|
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