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Site CDN

A cost effective way to scale your site using a global content delivery network.

Host your site in The Cloud but move it to The Edge.

Site CDN is a personalized integration service for your website. Maybe you need to scale, or maybe you just want the fastest site on the planet, either way, we can help. Whether your site is static HMTL5 or powered by WordPress, Joomla or Drupel moving your content closer to the edge will make your site faster, more resilient, improve performance and make your customers happier.

  • Low Cost High Performance Global CDN

  • Built using Amazon Cloudfront

  • Full CDN Integration Service

  • No CDN to Origin Based Bandwidth Costs
    Amazon Cloudfront from NetGate Site (Shared or Dedicated)
  • Simple Geographic Distribution Pricing Model

  • SSL Certificate, Configuration and Setup are Included

  • HTTP/2 Support Included

  • Simple to Set up – We do Everything

Simple to Get Started

Tell us about your project and we’ll do the rest.

Anycast DNS

Anycast DNS ensures your customers are routed to the nearest edge location.

Edge Delivered

Cached content, when available, is delivered to your users from the edge location.

Amazon AWS Free Tier

AWS Free Tier includes 50GB data transfer out and 2,000,000 HTTP and HTTPS Requests with Amazon CloudFront.

DDoS Protection

Cloud scale DDoS protection to help protect against the (really) bad guys. With integrated AWS Shield Standard DDoS protection there’s less need to worry about a hacked IoT device taking your site offline.

TLS Offload

Negotiating and offloading Transport Layer Security (TLS) at The Edge further improves performance, reducing connection setup latency, and further improves performance using back-end connection re-use.

Optimized Delivery Network

Traffic between edge servers and your site runs over the Amazon Global Backbone, where optimized TCP configuration ensures more bytes are in-flight on the network, improving throughput, while TCP connection re-use eliminates much of the latency associated with establishing connections. Whether content is cached at The Edge or not, it will be accelerated by delivery over optimized network paths.

Cost Effective

NetGate CDN provides complete CDN integration for your website, including content distribution and expiration strategy, performance reports, logging and an estimate of your monthly CloudFront costs, for one low price. Amazon CloudFront pricing is simple. You pay only for the data transfer and requests used to deliver content to your customers. With CloudFront, there are no upfront payments or fixed platform fees and no long-term commitments. And best of all, you can get started with CloudFront for free.

Scaling Out vs. Scaling Up

Instead of adding more resources to your existing site let the edge servers take some of the load. CloudFront offers a multi-tier cache by default, with regional edge caches that improve latency and lowers the load on your origin servers when the object is not already cached at the edge. The CDN gives you the performance and scale you need to give your viewers a fast and reliable experience without requiring any additional resources.

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