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6/30/17: mxForce Announces EOL
mxForce has decided to shutdown the spam and virus filtering service at the end of July 2017. To continue to provide our customers with best in class spam and virus filtering NetGate has partnered with SpamExperts. SpamExperts provides modern state-of-the-art filtering technologies that ensure accuracy second to none in the industry.

We will be migrating all existing mxForce accounts to SpamExperts over the next few weeks.

12/2/16: 100% Renewable Energy
We're happy to announce we are now 100% powered by renewable energy! Help us help the planet by powering your website at NetGate.

12/1/16: Hosting Platform Upgraded with DDOS Protection
The latest generation DDOS attacks, using IoT devices, can generate terabytes of traffic per second. Imagine that level of traffic directed at your site for days, or even weeks. Your site, and potentially critical parts of your business would go dark.

We're happy to announce that today we're making DDOS protection available to all our customers for free. We're defending the most common attacks, volumetric, state and some application layer attacks will be mitigated as soon as they are detected.

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