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Solving the Dial-up Problem

When you access the Internet through a standard wireline (modem) dial-up connection you are limited to the bandwidth speeds of your hardware's abilities. With NetGate Webcelerate you can overcome the common problems associated with hardware and bandwidth restrictions by taking advantage of a new technology that involves a highly effective combination of software and network architecture.

This new technology can now allow you to increase your current connection speeds by up to 5x your current rate! No more will you have to deal with slow download speeds and the frustration of waiting for web pages to load in your browser. Now you can take control of how you surf the Web and get much more out of your current Internet connection.

It also includes a pop-up ad blocker, banner ad blocker, and an advanced download manager that helps speed up and manage large file downloads. Now the world's fastest way to surf over dial-up.

The table below shows some popular web sites and the range of acceleration you should expect to see.

Popular Web Sites Before Webcelerate* With Webcelerate* How much Faster
with Webcelerate?
Ebay 11.65 seconds 2.97 seconds 3.92 X faster!
USA Today 32.43 seconds 3.77 seconds 8.60 X faster! 30.56 seconds 5.01 seconds 6.10 X faster! 11.74 seconds 3.04 seconds 3.86 X faster!
CNN 11.68 seconds 2.26 seconds 5.17 X faster!

*Average time calculated based on loading the home page. First time visit to a web page loads on average 2 times faster. Subsequent visits to the page load, on average, 3 times faster.

A Look at Your Current Connection

A 56k V.90 modem is most commonly used by users to surf the Web and is basically the only modem that comes standard on most new system configurations. With this considered to be the norm in Internet modem access, it is also commonly known that the fastest speed you can achieve is about 52k or what we call 52,000 bits per second. Most often, due to hardware and other connection factors (distance from your telephone company’s central office, line noise, line splitters and improper modem installations), you are more likely to connect at around 40k or 40,000 bits or less with a 56 V.90 modem. In many cases users have to settle for connection speeds of only 28.8k or 26.4k, even with their 56k modems.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to take your existing modem connection and increase its access speeds by 2 to 5 times without any need to install additional equipment or pay the high prices of other broadband services like DSL or Cable access? you can! Imagine what it will be like to have all that additional download speed. Now you can finally take advantage of the technology of the future and turn your modem connection into seriously FAST Internet access, making your connection not only more usable, but much more enjoyable.

Compare Other Broadband Services

Wondering how this service compares to DSL or cable access? With DSL services ranging upwards from $50.00 per month and cable access in the same price range you can immediately see the benefit of having the choice to upgrade your current dial-up service for far below what you would pay for other broadband options. For much less money you can get up to 5x times your current connection speed. Even at 2x times a normally slow 56k connection would offer results that are very impressive and much more usable than the standard dial-up at no additional cost!

There is no need to change your current dial-up equipment like there is with DSL or Cable access. With this service you can avoid the hassles of additional components and monthly changes on that type of equipment as well. You don't even need to install any components in your PC that you might not already have such as a network interface card. The entire service is designed to work with your existing modem and to give you results that are truly impressive. You will immediately notice the difference the first time you connect!

How To Get FASTER Internet Now

Getting started with faster Internet access is as easy as 1..2..3! All you need to do is make sure you meet the minimum system requirements for for the upgraded service, sign-up and download the needed client software to your PC, follow the simple on screen installation instructions and that's it! There is no need to change your modem or purchase new equipment. You don't need to deal with costly and confusing software installations and disappointing results. This service works! Plain and simple, its the easiest, most cost effective way to truly get the most out of your dial-up service. 


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