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QOS and CGI Application Resources

Process, memory, and CPU (run-time) are some of the mechanisms we utilize to ensure quality of service (QOS) guarantees for your site. Most Hosting providers who offer a shared hosting product do not use QOS mechanisms, or employ broken implementations that can result in runaway CGI applications that can quickly bring an entire server to a grinding halt. We are the only hosting provider with a rock solid QOS solution for sites hosted in a shared hosting environment. We have made extensive changes to the Apache server to support this model and in turn ensure that the operation of your site is not interrupted by another "out of control" site hosted on the same server. NetGate uses proprietary technology to ensure that process, memory, and CPU quotas are working correctly to ensure the proper operation of your site. The NetGate QOS implementation provides a real difference in the Hosting services market and brings a significant benefit to our customers.