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McAfee SaaS Email Protection Information

Q: Why McAfee?
A: For many reasons:

  • As the world’s largest dedicated security vendor, McAfee’s primary focus will always be providing the highest level of security to our customers. When it comes to email security, McAfee solutions goes beyond defending against spam, phishing, malware, and blended attacks, to also help customers secure outbound communications via integrated encryption, a robust set of pre-built compliance templates, the ability to scan 300+ attachment types, and data loss prevention technologies to safeguard data from bad actors or accidental mishaps. Email continuity and email archiving are integrated as part of the solution.
  • McAfee has a long-term commitment to email security, demonstrated by their history of frequent product enhancements, and over 10 years of operational excellence.
  • McAfee recently received these important industry recognitions for email security:

    • Leader, Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateway
    • Leader, Forrester Wave for Email Content Security
    • Value Leader, EMA Radar Report for Hosted Email Security
    • 5-Star Best Buy, SC Magazine Email Content Security
    • Innovator: Data Protection, SC Magazine

  • McAfee is ISO 27001 certified and serves tens of thousands of businesses and millions of end users worldwide:
  • Console localized for end users in 18 languages
  • Localized email processing with data centers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Q: How is McAfee SaaS Email Protection Different than Postini and Google Apps?
A: First and foremost, McAfee keeps your email safe with a “defense In-depth” approach to threat protection, utilizing three AV engines, zero hour protection, and most importantly, McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI). GTI is McAfee’s cloud-based threat identification network, drawing threat data from over 100 million global listeners and billions of email transactions per day. Differentiators to consider:

  • McAfee offers spooling options for instances when email cannot be delivered to your network due to outages, including the ability for users to interact with spooled email
  • 60 days of audit logging versus Postini’s 45 days
  • Near-real time message audit records availability
  • Proxy-based filtering, which minimizes disk writes and provides senders with accurate chain of custody information, as opposed to Google Apps’ store-and-forward model
  • McAfee’s proxy architecture won’t overwhelm your system with unnecessary connections.
  • No character limit on allow/deny list entries
  • Easy-to-use TLS, SPF, and DKIM functionality, supporting your ability to enforce email authentication best practices

Q: Will my settings (approved senders, blocked senders, aliases) be migrated to McAfee?
A: Yes. All of your settings will be migrated to your new McAfee account.

Q: Will I still be able to access my quarantine via a web based control panel?
A: Yes. The McAfee service will send you a daily Spam Report. That report provides a list of the messages that have been quarantined since the last report, by default every 24 hours. You can interact with quarantined messages directly via the email report. The email also includes links that will allow you to access your McAfee Control Center without a password. If you want to access the Control Center without the email report you will need to create a password for your account. To create a password you can click on the "Preferences" tab and then the "Change" button next to the "Password:" field when inside of the Control Center (accessed via the email report):

Once you've created a password you can use the URL below to login to the Control Center directly.

Alternatively you can setup a new password by logging to the Control Center directly using this URL:

Click on the "Forgot your password or need to create a password?" link.

Enter your login email address (your primary email address - same as you used for Postini - same address that is used to deliver the spam report) into the "Email Address" box.

Leave the "Email password information to my primary email address" option checked.

Click "Next".

The following email will be delivered:

Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2014 12:43:45 -0600
Subject: Control Console Sign In Information


A request to create the Control Console password for was
made on 10/09/2014 12:43:45 PM MDT
(UTC-0600) from IP address Please click the link below to
create the password.

If the link above is not active in your email client, you can manually copy
and paste it into your web browser.

For security reasons, the link will expire at 10/09/2014 01:43:45 PM MDT


Click on the link and you will be able to create your password. To access the Control Center in the future use the same URL with your username and password.

Spam Filtering Made Simple
McAfee SaaS categorizes spam in three categories, each has unique actions:

  • Medium likelihood – default action = Quarantine
  • High likelihood – default action = Quarantine
  • Graymail – default action = Do nothing

Newsletters and retail marketing from reputable sources are examples of graymail that was once desirable but have since become a distraction. The graymail filter is designed to aggressively reduce this traffic. Tuning is achieved by adding graymail senders that you want to receive mail from to your policy-level or user-level Sender Allow list. You may find that enabling the Graymail filter more closely matches the default level of filtering Postini applied to graymail senders.

A New Feature - The Daily Spam Report Email
The Spam Report email has a clean and efficient design to minimize the amount of time users spend reviewing their quarantines. When users click on an action link in the report, the action is carried out in the Control Console via the user’s default web browser.

From the end user Control Console, users can perform these actions and more:

  • View and release quarantined spam messages
  • View and define aliases
  • Adjust spam filter sensitivity
  • Adjust the Allowed and Blocked Senders lists
  • Access their personal email archive (if available)

The Quarantine tab allows users to recall messages quarantined up to 14 days back.