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NetGate Hosting Platform

We utilize CloudLinux, a state of the art modern Linux distribution that allows us to provide exceptional security and deterministic performance to our customers.

We deploy CloudLinux on high performance hardware running in various Cloud Provider data centers. Our servers are upgraded on a consistent basis to bring you the latest enhancements and security updates.

Some of the highlights of the NetGate Hosting Platform:

  • State of the art Hosting Control Panel
  • Extremely fast (all SSD based) storage.
  • Enhanced security with "SSL everywhere".
  • Web Application Layer Firewall with 1000s of commercial rules
    updated daily to keep the bad guys at bay.
  • Advanced security isolation environment protecting you
    from attacks against other customers.
  • PHP Selector. Allows you to select from several versions of
    PHP (4.4 - 7.0).
  • Elastic scaleable virtual hosting. Resources (CPU, memory
    and IO) can all be scaled to meet the needs of your
    website or web application. Scale your website with
    no SysAdmin required!