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Measured Bandwidth Hosting

Measured Bandwidth (MB) Hosting is the latest innovation from NetGate. NetGate MB hosting services are unique in the shared hosting market space offering a highly scalable, both from a cost and performance perspective, solution to your hosting needs. MB accounts are based on a scalable and fair billing model, meaning you pay only for the bandwidth you use. The billing model is based on the same industry standard 95th percentile bandwidth billing model used in most data centers. NetGate MB Hosting services are a perfect match for high volume sites looking for scalable bandwidth at a fair price, or for those sites seeking to control costs. With NetGate MB Hosting you can tune your site to meet your specific cost requirements. This is truly a breakthrough technology.

Measured Bandwidth Advantages

Service Plans


  • High Performance virtual web and ftp sites
  • Unmatched quality of service features
  • Cost control features
  • IP based virtual hosting
  • 500 MB of data storage
  • 40 MB of e-mail storage
  • 100 Kbps (measured bandwidth) data stream
  • Personal CGI, PHP, MySql
  • E-commerce ready (Private/Shared Cert SSL enabled)
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  • Add-on feature to any NetGate Measured Bandwidth Hosting account
  • Allows you to add additional websites to your existing Hosting account.
  • Domain can be pointed to your primary website or to completely different content
  • URL such as <>
  • Shares the resources associated with your primary Hosting account
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