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Our Hosting services are designed for businesses or individuals who want to create their own presence on the net. Our Hosting services include a wide range of features allowing you to set up a simple web site, extranet site, or a virtual store front for sales over the web. We offer a wide range of Hosting plans, one is sure to meet your needs. And, all our Hosting plans are backed by our 30 day money back guarantee. Select a plan that meets your needs and we can have your domain registered and site on-line, usually the same day.

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Prices listed are for annual billing. Monthly rates are slightly higher, please click "More Info" to view monthly billing pricing.

Why Host with NetGate

You might think that all Hosting providers are the same with the only difference being cost. And, that's true of many providers, but we're not a typical provider. We provide you with unmatched support, quality, reliability, and performance for your site.

Support: There are a lot of companies willing to entice you with unbelievable offers, yet once in the door you are neglected. Endless phone trees you can never break free from, long hold times, and once you do get someone on the phone they are not knowledgeable enough to help you with anything beyond the most basic of problems. Why? Because support is one of the single most substantial costs in the business. When you contact NetGate for support, you get to speak with the most knowledgeable, approachable, and helpful technicians on the planet. We employ people that embrace the technology. Our Customer Service reps are empowered with advanced training and troubleshooting skills, and if advanced support is necessary you're just one quick step away from a tier 2 engineer. And, if you still have a problem we encourage you to contact our company President at

Quality of Service: Using proprietary technology we can ensure the performance of your your site is not affected by another "run away" site hosted on the same server. Many of the technologies available for producing dynamic content typically have unrestricted resources allowing one customers site to take down an entire machine. We utilize a QOS mechanism that prevents a single customer from taking down an entire web server, instead their renegade process is terminated gracefully and an user customizable error is provided to the viewer. Our unique QOS features are unmatched in the shared Hosting market. Other Hosting providers maintain QOS by 'monitoring' their servers requiring a human to take action to resolve each problem that occurs. Ask the competition if they can guarantee that another site hosted on the same server won't affect the stability of your site. We are the only Hosting provider that can offer you that guarantee.

Our commitment to quality doesn't stop at the server. We have designed and built a fully redundant network with built-in advanced failure recovery mechanisms. And, once your data leaves our network it's passed on to a world class tier one network aggregation provider giving your site unmatched network stability and performance.

We Change the World: We bring innovation to Hosting services by looking for ways we can provide you with a better service.

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